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R & D


At Astrel we appreciate innovation and hard work. We believe that innovation is our future and we thrive to achieve the same on continuous basis. 


         Our aim is to find out solutions for human suffering from the mother nature. Because we strongly believe that mother nature has all the answers &solutions. We just need to understand the same and make that knowledge available to the humans. We focus on those human diseases for which satisfaction levels are below 30% with the present medication/remedies. Acceptance for the natural solutions is very high. It should not be time consuming and easy to use. It should be possible to convert our knowledge into beneficial solution to human suffering 


         We are presently working on extension of our Dermist products in the Dermatology segment for hand and food treatment, severe dryness and packaged solution for anti-dandruff. Besides dermatology products we are also concentration on metabolic disorders, chronic fatigue, sleeping disorders and anti-virals


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