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D-Stress is made out of 100% natural banana extract in an environment friendly and safe biotech process.

We packaged all the goodness of banana in a convenient pill form. Just one tablet of 250mg provides you natural stress relief and relaxation.


We believe that ancient humans had much more stress than present humans. They used to have stress in the form of struggle for survival, getting enough food, shelter, etc. But they also used to have time for relaxation and 

their eating & living habits used help them relax and be ready for the next days' struggle.

Natural way to manage your stress-

D-Stress is a 100% natural extract specially derived from selected bananas in a biotech process.

One tablet of 250mg per day taken at bedtime, after dinner, will provide you all the benefits of natural banana for managing stress and fatigue.

Studies have shown that stress and psoriasis go hand in hand. While stress is known to make psoriasis worse, psoriasis can make you more stressed out. 

How are stress and psoriasis linked? Experts aren't sure. It may have to do with an effect on the immune system. Some people have their first flare of psoriasis during a particularly stressful time.


As a nutraceutical it provides you:

- relief from stress and increases your ability to cope with stress

- Increases muscle strength and energy by increasing body potassium stores

- induces complete relaxation by increasing good quality sleep

- less stress and good sleep gives you relief from skin disorders like psoriasis.


Above are a few examples of the numerous benefits D-Stress provides you. Completely natural and safe for long term use.

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